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Stahuj Matějkovo hudební dílo

Petr Matejka's and His Friends'Songs !

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Music and me:

I’ve always had an affirmative approach to music. As a young kid I demanded various musical instruments from my parents, such as pipes, harmonicas and accordions. As a fifth grader I grasped for the guitar, which I received from my older brother Milan. Since then all my life changed significantly. Before that moment I was keen on nothing special, no sport, no hobby; I was just a spoilt brat. The guitar converted my boring life into an adventure. Suddenly there was no problem with girls anymore, as the guitar used to be very popular among the young. I tried various genres, including country, rock, pop and folk music. Later I started writing songs of my own, both music and lyrics. My songs became the ground of music bands of Proxima C, The Defect and Dr.MOZSE. Together with my friends Mikes and Boris I managed to start an excellent musical adventure with public performances. Thank you, guys! Later, the popular Czech band Chinaski was inspired by my songs to start their rocket carrier. Thanks to the guitar I met my first to last loves, I got married and divorced, and last but not least, I was given the most beautiful gift ever: my daughter Nicol.
Now download the songs and listen. The sound is not as first-rate as professional studio recordings; for all that I wish you a pleasant listening.